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The Eliminaator2 Series offers the first energy-free aluminum-rail freezer door! Anthony's advanced technology completely eliminates all heat in its cooler and freezer doors. The Eliminaator2 door retrofits to most Anthony frames, offering huge energy savings and fast payback on investment.

Convenience Stores

  • Anthony International is the Leader in Glass Door technology. With no-heat energy free doors & LED lighting. Manitoba Hydro rebates apply to all our doors & lighting. Gravity Flow shelving to support high volume sales in your Beverage Category.
  • Iceomatic, with over 95 models in stock. The best supported ice maker in Central Canada.
  • Follett’s new Ice bagging operations for high profits. Follett’s new Ice Diverter will direct Chewable ice to two locations in your store, from one ice maker. Follett is the only ice maker that can PUSH ICE to where you need it !
  • Dixell Xweb Full Store monitoring or Controlling with Web based display & simple installation.
  • Leaders in Refrigeration for Self Contained Coolers & Freezers & Energy Efficient 4” walk in rooms.
  • Doyon Par-Bake Programs or Fresh Bake, High profit with on-site baking centers.
  • Etalex Retail merchandising Shelving, back room storage or cash counter. All Canadian Made

Download our Baking Capacity Chart before you select a model (PDF)

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