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Follett medical grade refrigerators provide the consistent, stable temperatures and access security required for patient floor, lab and pharmacy applications. Heavy-duty compressors and powerful forced-air cooling provide exceptional temperature consistency, quick temperature pull down and rapid recovery following door openings.


Healthcare Industry

  • Follett Ice & Water Dispenser with Sensor Safe chewable ice. The Right Ice for patient care.
  • Follett Lab Refrigeration with critical control of Refrigeration, Blood Plasma Freezers, Blood Bank Refrigeration and -20 Freezers.
  • Steelite provides UK Vitrified China with great heat retention, the lowest breakage rate in the industry and maintain “Dignity in Care”. Call us for a appointment in our China Showcase.
  • 5 year Chip Guarantee
  • HACCP temperature Data logging by Dixell with Web based display & simple installation. More than just recording, it can text message you when your rare samples or pharmaceuticals are warming up or freezing and will be lost. View PDF
  • Iceomatic, we have over 95 models in stock. The best supported ice maker in Central Canada. From 70 lbs to 3600 lbs of ice per day.
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